Daily Token Skills/Spells

Dark Mega Blade. 4-way damage skill

Spirit Essence. Heals target to full health. 0 line in divinities staff.

ard pian na dion. 3k mana, 110-150k damage. 0 lines in skylight staff. (mpnd is 70-110k, 3k mana)

Twist Kick. 4-way damage skill.

Barage Dark Damage star Arrow. 0 lines.


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Recent Spell Changes

Summon 13 hits 1 target, and Summon 14 hits 5. Summon 15 can't be learned yet but will hit 13.
Torch 12 was doing 140k damage, 13 did 161k damage and 14 is doing 173k damage.

Hail of Feathers 8 hits 29 tiles and costs 2200 mana
Hail of Feathers 9 hits 29 tiles and costs 2400 mana.
Hail of Feathers 7 was doing 501k damage, 8 did 594k damage and 9 is doing 687k damage. (earth defense, no spells)

Star Arrow 9 hits 29 tiles and costs 2200 mana
Star Arrow 10 hits 29 tiles and costs 2300 mana
Star Arrow 8 was doing 41k damage, 9 did 101k damage and 10 is doing 113k damage. (earth defense, no spells)

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