Andor Class

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Andor

Within the plains of Noam, on the continent of Medenia, lies the entrance to a deep series of caves and tunnels populated by a strange species not seen in the gentle lands of Temuair.

These sentient beings have formed a strong and industrious kingdom deep below the seemingly still desert plains.

From simple labourers, to high ranking soldiers, the Ants of Andor have a complex civilization all centred around their Queen.

Back around approximately Deoch 42 the early adventurers in Medenia discovered what appeared to be a giant anthill in the centre of Noam Plains, just north of the village. A few of the more brave explorers ventured inside the hill and soon realized that it did not just look like an anthill... It WAS an anthill.

Inside the tunnels and caves they saw tall silver gleaming ants walking upright like you or me. Some of these ants were adorned with armour and carrying brilliant weapons, the like of which Aisling-kind had never before seen. Scuttling to and fro in the caves they saw strange worms that kept muttering to themselves about just how busy they were.

It was not long before the news of this place reached the city of Hwarone. Those of you who are familiar with this powerful Medenian city will already know of their lust for strength and power. The Hwarone Military is a force to be reckoned with, to say the least. But what would one expect from people brave enough to live in the shadow of a volcano?

Hwarone soon began to assemble troops to invade. The idea of a powerful army so close to their city was not one they took lightly. Even lighter still upon hearing of the ores, weapons, and armour the ants were hiding in those hills. The military of Hwarone is not one to ignore such resources. However, the initial reports brought to them weren’t enough to prepare the soldiers for what they were about to face.

The Aisling adventurers who first discovered Andor only made their way deep enough to see a few of the dangers. But the deeper you go, the more dangerous it becomes. The seemingly powerful labourers become scarce, as if they’re not permitted to roam these caves. The warriors and soldiers patrolling the halls are much more deadly, as if they fight to keep a well guarded secret.

Indeed, they do. For how could any such civilization thrive without some kind of leadership? And how could any leader amass such a powerful army without strong devotion? Deep within the halls of Andor hides a powerful Queen, and all within her kingdom are willing to not only fight, but die for her.

Her leadership and strength have been the deeply hidden power that has led Andor to be the kingdom that it is today. one that wages war, and sometimes wins, against the vast military of Hwarone. One that has found ways of mining ores needed for brilliant and strong shields needed by many a powerful Aisling. One that can create the potions, the weaponry, and the armours that Aislings such as you and I need to face the even greater perils that this world has to show us.

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