Andor Class

Lesson 5: The Dangers of Andor and Survival Tactics

Hello and welcome everyone to our fifth lecture in our Andor series. During the first half of this course we’ve mainly focused on the culture of the Andorians from a distance. Today we will be learning about what an Aisling could expect if they chose to risk their lives for the Andorian’s treasure, and how they might get out alive.

As a prizard, I have more knowledge surviving as a summoner, but I have ventured in with gladiators, archers, bards, and druids alike. However, for the sake of a proper education, we will feature guest speakers in this class to help you better understand the various tactics by class.

Because of the dangerous nature of Andor, I strongly advise traveling with a partner, carrying many Komadiums, and if possible bringing a Warranty Bag in the event that you are overcome.

It is incredibly useful to maintain the strong armour-strengthening spell of Ard Naomh Aite whilst hunting any place, and Andor is no exception. Keeping this cast on oneself can mean the difference between life and death.

Because the Andorians live in relative darkness, they have yet to discover the element of light, let alone harness it’s powers. Aislings would do well to wear a belt imbued with Dark element, and cast an elemental amplification spell, such as Ard Fas Nadur or Mor Fas Nadur, on themselves.

In the early caves you will face the Workers, Guards, Norajo, Kaze, and Boros. For those who have been paying attention in previous classes there will already be some understanding of these Ants. The Boros should under all circumstances be left alone. Their venom will instantly stop your heart should you come into contact with them, and if they are attacked they will spit their toxic bile at you. Keep your distance from them, and you will be fine.

The Ants of Andor as we already know are a force to be reckoned with. Even the civilian Worker Ants are strong and have a basic understanding of combat, but the Workers are busy with their tasks and will ignore you unless you strike them first. The Andorians release pheromones which cause Aislings to fall into a paralyzing sleep. While this sleep is brief, it can lead to death for many Aislings. However, oftentimes just being hit can cause the Aisling’s system to jolt and wake from this sleep. Because of this, I find it better not to cast my protective shield of Dion when I venture into Andor. Beware though, many Ants attack with a move they call “Palsy Punch” in which they hit hard whilst releasing a strong blast of pheromones to inflict damage and send you off for a nap at the same time.

With many spells in my arsenal, I find myself casting very few in Andor. A rather simple understanding of magic can be enough to get one through there. When I began to walk the path of Summoner I learned a spell which surrounded me with magical impenetrable bubbles. As I venture through Andor I cast this spell every time I enter a new cave to keep myself guarded whilst my eyes adjust to the light, or lack thereof.

In addition to the sleep causing pheromone, Andorians also release a pheromone which acts as a weak poison to Aislings. Beccause of this it is helpful to hunt with a priest or someone trained in healing poisons, or to carry Personaca Deums with you.

They are not highly trained in magic combat, but they are capable of using the same Aite and Dion spells as Aislings, as well as healing magics. Their magic is not as strong as ours, but it is still potent enough to cause problems whilst hunting.

Some of the Ants have mastered spells such as Bardo and Dark Seal which reduce the strength of an Aislings armour and make them easier targets. A preventative measure for this curse is to maintain the weak Aisling curse of Beag Cradh, as no other curse may touch you when it is present in your soul.

In the deeper caves, close to the throne room where the Royal Guard are present the dangers of magic are moreso. As we learned in a previous class the Queen has taught her Royal Guard magic to protect themselves, and these ladies are very skilled. They cast spells to drain an entire party of their life and mana, making them very dangerous opponents if not quickly defeated.

The Warriors and Captains of Andor have been trained to use an attack we Aislings call Crasher. They have managed to one-up us in developing a broader method of attack in which they Crasher an entire party instead of a single target like Aislings can.

Those who have attended previous lessons will also know about the deadly Assassins, who sneak up out of nowhere to silently do away with you. These Assassins will attack with a deadly strike, similar to that which Master Rogues are taught. If you are quick enough, you may be able to defeat it through spell casting or melee combat if you can either paralyze or freeze it before it disappears into the shadows again.

As a Summoner attacking these creatures is done best with the spells Pian na Dion, or Mor Pian na Dion if you’ve reached the sixtieth level of Medenian ability, because as I have already mentioned they are able to cast the same Dion spells as Aislings. Pian na Dion and Mor Pian na Dion are able to break through this protection spell and defeat them easily enough. An archer equipped with a necklace imbued with Dark elemental magic may utilize their deadly Assassin’s Strike attack to do away with an Ant who has been cursed and had their elemental properties amplified. An archer may also wish to put their stealth skills to good use and remain hidden through the caves. They would be able to remain safely undiscovered whilst setting up traps for the Ants to unwittingly fall into. This would not be as fast of a method as Summoners are capable of, but we must all make do as we are able.

For a bard hunting here alone would be a fool’s errand, but there is no denying their worth in a group. They are incredibly helpful due to their knowledge of healing wounds and poisons, calling upon dark curses, and even singing a powerful magic song to break Aislings from the pheromone induced sleep. They are able to put the Ants and Boros themselves to sleep if the need arises, and if the bard has remained true to the way of priest all through his or her life, they can cast a powerful spell to Mesmerize an enemy. They would struggle with executing a kill however, so are not recommended to enter on their own.

From here I will give the floor over to someone more experienced with the struggle of Andor as a hands on combat class. Please welcome Macklemorr who will discuss the Andor experience as a gladiator.


"Hunting Andor as an Aisling trained in melee combat differs greatly to that of an Aisling trained in magic, because they will have to face most of the physically stronger male ants in direct combat as opposed to from a safer distance.

Being up close and personal with these Ants requires the use of a shield such as Dion, Iron Skin, Stone Skin, or other protective spells of the nature. If possible it is best to be enchanted with Ard Naomh Aite and either Ard Fas Nadur or Mor Fas Nadur to reduce the amount of damage the Ants may inflict.

Gladiators will find their training in the skills of Strikedown, Dune Swipe, and Wheelkick to be the most effective against the Andorians, but only if they have not yet cast a Dion shield upon themselves. For gladiators who have reached the sixtieth ability level of the Medenian path and learned the Spinning Kelberoth Strike move it is possible to pierce through their Dion shield to defeat them if they manage to cast it right before they die.

For druids it is varied by the animal form they are trained in. Komodas and Karura druids are not as effective in fighting against the Ants in hand to hand combat until they have reached nearly the highest level of Medenian ability. However, Feral druids are trained in the skills of Double Rake and Mass Strike which are both strong against the Andorians from an earlier Medenian ability. These attacks, combined with the knowledge of Spinning Kelberoth Strike, can lead to an easy defeat of the Ants."

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