Dark Ages Downloads
maps.zip - my maps folder, contains almost every map, eliminate map loads etc.
hades.zip - for current darkages version - replaces monster sprites with old versions. (Rename your original hades.dat to something like hades_orig.dat, and keep it as backup for when darkages client patches).

Stoned Ages Downloads
NOTE TO WINDOWS 10 USERS: Stoned Ages will NOT work on Windows 10, maybe next year!

1. Download the Stoned Ages.zip, extract the 'Stoned Ages' folder from it to any location.
2. Download the datsmusic.zip, extract the 2 folders 'dats', and 'music' into the 'Stoned Ages' folder.
3. Click 'Stoned Ages.exe' to play the game.
4. Expect glitches.
NOTE: Your character data is saved on your hard drive, your PW is not sent to my server, you don't even need to enter a PW to log on.

Stoned Ages.zip - A private client/server project.*
datsmusic.zip - client resources.

*Stoned Ages.exe will not work without the dats/music files.