Here is a table of the Plants you may find around Temuair & Medenia, as well as their effects if consumed.
For a list of non-plant consumables Click Here

Plant Name Maximum Stack Effect Target Habitat
ao Dochas Bloom
8 Casts beag cradh. Self Filth Forest
Blossom of Betrayal
5 Resurects the dying player or reduces your health to 10%. Player in front Lourse Harbor
Loures Market
Loures Castle
Bocan Bough
10 Displays the ground stomp animation. Player in Front West Woodland
Cactus Flower
1 Displays a brief sparkle animation. Group Desert of Fire
Cadal Bells
15 Displays a brief sleeping animation. Self Shinewood Forest 10+
Dochas Bloom
3 Removes all positive and negative effects. Self Grass Fields
Loures Harbor
15 Displays a brief root animation. Self Asilon Plains
Folly Flower
15 Displays a brief star animation. Self Noam Plains
Ill-Star Flower
2 Drains 1,000 of your mana and 5,000 from each of your targets. 4-Way West Woodland
Kabine Blossom
3 Casts ao dall. Self Desert of Fire
Kobold Tail
2 Restores 3,000 health. Self Astrid
Lily Pads
2 Casts dia naomh aite comhla. Group Piet Crypt
Lochran Tendrils
5 Casts dall. Creature in front Abel Dungeon
4 Restores 2,000 of your target's mana. Player in front East Woodland 14+
Spark Flower
1 Deals damage similar to shock arrow, between 1 and 10% of the target's current health. Creature in front West Woodland 17+
20 Displays a brief splash animation. Player in front Lynith Sea

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