Blackstar Crypt

I recommend having a Pure Archer in your group for this Event.
Hide trinket is a great way to skip all the trash inbetween bosses.

Head to Blackstar Village and gather at (70,40).
Form an appropriate group and make sure everybody is groupped.
Once the group is ready have one person walk to (69,29) to summon the group inside.

Blackstar Crypt is a gauntlet of 19 rooms with mini bosses on 5 and 11 and the main boss on 19.
The rooms are littered with creatures similar to Lost Ruins 6.

Click here for a map of Blackstar Crypt.
Click here for more information on the Monsters.

Mini Boss Mini Boss Boss
Room 5 Room 11 Room 19

Once the last boss dies you will be teleported back to Blackstar Village.

You will Receive the stacking Legend Mark: "Banished the Imperial Shade of Blackstar - #" and a chance of an item.
It looks like you can get 2-3 marks per run. This may not be intentional and could change.

Depending on the number of marks you can claim titles and other prizes by becoming a Blackstar Watchman.

This quest can be repeated every 24 hours.

Possible drops:

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