Daily Kill Quest

Speak with Celesta in Pravat Caves about the Daily Kill Quest.

She will tell you that she has been speaking to some of the other mundanes and that they are nervous about monsters sneaking into the villages. She asks if you would like to help. Say yes.

She will tell you of a random monster type that has been harassing villagers, and where to find them. Some examples include Verdant Losganns from Nobis 2nd and 3rd floor, Golden Beetlalics from Shinewood 30+, and Mutated Beetlalics from Shinewood 36+

She asks you to kill 10 of them, in a group if you are unable to alone.
You are given 1 day to kill the monsters, starting from the time you press Close.

Once you have killed the ten monsters required, return to her and speak to her about Daily Kill Quest again.
She will check to see if you met the requirements, and if you have she will award you your prize!

You will receive a Daily Quest Token, a Daily Prize Box, and a stacking legend mark: "Completed Daily Quest"

The token is non-transferable, but the Daily Prize Box is. Please take note that once opened, the contents cannot be traded.

The box may be opened for either a double exp/ap bonus, or as an experience prize box.
The experience box ranges from 25,000,000 to 200,000,000 experience.

*At this time, the Daily Prize Box has a two day cooldown. This will hopefully change in future. We are also in the dark as to where to return the coin for rewards, presumably these changes have yet to be added.

**This quest is currently for Masters only. Prizes may be traded to non-masters, but prize box cannot be opened by them.

***There seems to be some bug with not all kills registering, so to be safe you should try killing an extra few of your designated monster.

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