Daily Kill Quests

Speak with one of the following Npcs about their Daily Kill Quest;


Pravat South Entrance (49,22) Daily Kill Quest

Shinewood Home (4,5)
(Shinewood Forest 30 (17,20))
Daily Shinewood Hunting Quest

Fallen Soldier
Chaos 1 (19,2) Daily Chadul Hunting Quest

Fallen Soldier
Chaos 1 (19,2)Daily Chaos Hunting Quest

Nobis Storage (4,2)
(Nobis Village (44,25))
Daily Nobis Hunting Quest

Mount Giragan 3 (4,3) Daily Mt Giragan Hunting Quest

Each quest will tell you a monster name, the areas you can find them, and a quantity. Note these down.
(Sometimes there will be no creatures to kill and you will instantly receive your reward)

The monsters will vary from super weak to average. If you are unable to kill a creature the quest will change after 24 hours.
(You have 24 hours to kill them). You can also have another player help, but you will need to deal the final blow.

Once you have killed the required monsters (and a few more just to be safe) return to the npc and speak about the Daily Quest again.
If you meet the requirements you will receive your reward.

You will receive a Daily Quest Token, a Daily Prize Box, and the stacking Legend Mark: "Completed Daily Quest"

The box may be opened for either an exp/ap bonus box, or an experience box. The contents will be untradable.


You may exchange your Daily Quest Tokens for the following items;

Water Dungeon Chest

Satchel of Goods

Andor Queen Chest

Andor Chest

Daily Prize Box

Arcella's Stolen Bag (Exp/AP)

Arcella's Gift (Items)

Skill/Spell Prizes

You may exchange 5 Daily Quest Tokens for one of the following skills and spells;
You must be at least AB 90 to learn them, and they will disappear after two days.
WarriorDark Mega's Blade4-way damage skill
Wizardard pian na dionDeals damage to an enemy and is not modified by spells or armor class.
PriestSpirit EssenceHeals the target to full
MonkTwist Kick4-way damage skill
RogueBarrageAttacks a cluster of enemies with Dark damage. (13 Tiles)

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