About DA-Items
An incomplete/unfinished and now slightly outdated project.
This website was created to make some sense of Darkages'
item drop rates and exactly what monsters can drop what items.
Not sure if I'll put any work on it again, but I figure it's still useful as is, so enjoy.
-Russell (Sostratos in Darkages)

2-11-2017 - My latest project aka Stoned Ages.
After becoming increasingly disappointed with Kru's game management I decided I'd attempt to make a darkages private server. Although I wanted to use an old client interface that's not used anymore (the 'stone' interface), that client lacked many of the features and capabilities the current client has. So I thought I'd try to make my own game client just using the sprites/images from the darkages game files.
If you are at all interested in this project, check out a crappy lil forum I set up for it that has random posts with more info about it.

Forum Link: Stoned Ages Forum

The game client is available for download and is playable but there are many glitches and unfinished stuffs still, I guess you'd call this a pre-alpha phase? I am hoping to have both the client and the server fully functional and ready to play in some sort of beta phase within several months or at least before 2018.

Game Download Link: Downloads Page

2-11-2017 - DA-Items is back!
A few years ago I stopped working on this project and quit Darkages, cause let's face it, kru sucks. At the time I didn't want to keep paying for a website host service so I allowed DA-Items to expire, but recently a friend has let me host the site on his server, so it's back for at least another year!